Computer Recycling

Computer IT Disposals provides all kinds of electronic waste recycling including computer recycling services. It is not limited just to old computers but to all outdated IT equipment. Computer recycling is important because most of the electronic items used in computers contain hazardous materials such as:

  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • Many other precious metals and substances

It is important that these substances are processed properly. These metals can be recycled and used because they have benefits too besides being hazardous. If they are not recycled and disposed properly, these substances can cause serious health and environmental problems. Some of the common problems they can cause are:


All these problems discussed above highlights the fact that all these substances need to be carefully recycled or disposed so that it does not pollute our environment and result in health problems. Therefore, we provide eco-friendly recycling and disposal services to make our environment more sustainable.

As one of the market leaders, CITD ensures that the recycling process is done in an efficient and environment friendly manner. We offer:

We also offer free computer recycling services. All you need is to have 20 or more items consisting of desktop PCs, laptops, printers, monitors and servers.


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