Data Destruction

CITD puts a lot on emphasis on security of data and making sure that the data is not leaked to any third party. If the intention is to reuse computers, it is absolutely essential that data bearing devices are wiped clean off all the data present previously.Therefore, we offer secure data destruction and shredding for devices like hard drives which can store data. Just visit our Data Destruction Computer Disposals London office at anytime.

CITD also offers on-site hard drive destruction.Once all the data is erased, you will be provided with a data destruction certificate for that specific device.

CITD has some strict policy measures in regards to data destruction and they are as follows:

  • Data is removed from an equipment in a controlled environment.
  • During the process, all devices having data on them are separated from the ones which have no data stored on them.
  • If the data cannot be destroyed due to some technical reasons, physical destruction of the device is ensured.
  • Permanent and irrevocable data destruction on hard drives is guaranteed, without compromising the integrity of the customers.

Hence, if you are looking for an effective, secure and up-to-date IT recycling services, CITD can help you do all of that. We are just a call away!

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