Hard Drive Shredding

When you sell your old computers, whether they are desktop or laptop computers, there is a chance that sensitive data remains on your hard drive. This can be a risky thing and may lead to loss of customers and revenue. Therefore, proper destruction of your hard disk drive is absolutely essential.

CITD not only offers hard drive shredding services but also for USBs and backup tapes as well. Our shredding services are safe and reliable because of the following reasons:

  • Physical destruction of hard disk drives is made sure so that your data is irrecoverable.
  • Certificate of Destruction is provided to our customers for their files etc.
  • Secure chain of custody.

We have a quick collection service for hard drive shredding in which we take your hard drives from your premises, deliver them securely and destroy them at our warehouses. Not only that, you can bring your hard disk drives at our locations and you can see the shredding process yourself.


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