Computer IT Disposals provides all kinds of electronic waste recycling including computer recycling services. It is not limited just to old computers but to all outdated IT equipment. Computer recycling is important because most of the electronic items used in computers contain hazardous materials such a Lead, Mercury and Cadmium. It is important that these substances are processed properly.



CITD believes that logistics is the most crucial part of its services. Using our own vehicles and drivers, our extensive coverage all over UK helps us to reach you anywhere and anytime. Logistics is as important as any other part of the services we offer because we understand that consequences can be huge if something goes wrong.

Our vehicles are equipped with appropriate IT equipment cages and packaging to ensure safe delivery of your sensitive IT equipment. In case of highly sensitive material, our vehicles can be tracked using the latest vehicle satellite tracking system. It is vital that all equipment, while being transported, should be protected from any damage. Hence, all IT equipment including hazardous materials is transported to our facility safely and securely.

CITD has a licensed logistics system and we have a large fleet of our own vehicles which are monitored around the clock by latest satellite tracking system. This is to ensure complete satisfaction of our customers and that they are not worried about the safety of their equipment.

  • Our logistics team will be at your premises on a pre-decided time.
  • All your IT equipment is securely packed and transported to our facility.
  • Response time for confirmation is within 24 hours.
  • Details of driver and vehicle can be provided in advance upon request.
  • Trained officials to work onsite and restricted places.
  • Fully traceable vehicles tracked by GPS.
  • Secure handling of all sensitive and classified IT equipment.
  • Vehicles equipped with IT equipment cages and sealed compartments to ensure safe and secure transportation.

Our top priority is to keep our logistics efficient and, therefore, computer recycling services hassle free for you. CITD’s logistics network is spread all over the country and you can book your IT equipment for recycling from anywhere. Just call us and we will be there to collect your equipment.


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